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Community Consultation

Consulting To Get Communities Onside


If you want planning permission for a new development - we are the people to speak to if you want to get the local community onside.

We conduct more community consultations to support planning applications than any other agency.

Over the years we have undertaken countless consultations for everything from housing developments to business parks and landfill sites to shopping centres.

Effective community consultation can make the difference between you getting planning approval and being turned down.

Prove there is local support for your development and planners find it hard to recommend refusal.

Of course, getting your proposals across to the local community in a positive manner is important.

We ensure we promote your plans positively using a community consultation toolbox that can include consultation websites, exhibitions, site tours, media management, social media outreach, newsletters, brochures and presentations.

If you need to secure planning permission for a forthcoming development, contact Elspeth Brown on 1-800 937 374.