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Harnessing The Power Of Social Media

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Social media marketing is a hot topic at the moment but it's important not to get carried away by the hype.

Other marketing agencies will tell you it should be a key component of your marketing strategy.

We would disagree. Our view is that social media marketing is worth investing time and money in for some companies but not for the majority.

To do it properly social media marketing is expensive and if you have a limited budget, we would advise you to spend it on PR, SEO or PPC where you will get a far better return on your investment. 

Having said that, social media marketing can be commercially effective - if it's part of a joined-up marketing and communications campaign.

We spearhead social media campaigns for scores of companies in Ireland and around the world and we'd be delighted to conduct a free audit of your business to tell you if social media will give you the payback you expect.

If our audit results in the green light, we can help you create and implement an integrated social media marketing strategy that will build your brand, drive sales and enhance customer relations.

We can monitor the internet on your behalf in real time, alerting you immediately to what is being said on tens of thousands of social sites, blogs, chat forums and websites. We can act within minutes to calm criticism or promote positive comment.

We can also produce inspiring content for your campaigns - text, video, games apps. You name it - we do it.

For more information about our social media marketing expertise visit our specialist website Only Social or contact Elspeth Brown on 1-800 937 374.