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Personal Brand Management


In today's celebrity-focussed business world, the personal brand of a company CEO or chairman has assumed enormous importance.

Personal brands and corporate brands are now welded together and share prices can soar or tumble because of personal comments from the "chap at the top".

Tony Hayward, the former BP CEO, only wanted his life back following the oilrig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico while his predecessor Lord Browne ended up with egg on his face because he tried to cover up a private relationship.

Lord Browne's actions and Tony Hayward's words not only had a disastrous impact on their personal careers but seriously damaged BP's corporate brand.

There are innumerable examples of top executives unthinkingly putting their foot in it and that's why personal brand management has become an essential corporate tool.

We are global leaders in the field of personal brand management - in fact we coined the phrase.

We mind the personal brands of many of the world's most respected business leaders.

Our arsenal of personal brand management services is extensive. It includes:

  • The creation of official personal websites
  • The removal of untrue, malicious and unhelpful material from the web
  • News management
  • Distribution of video interviews
  • Media monitoring
  • Editing of Wikipedia listings

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