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Media Relations

Straddling The Traditional & Digital Media


Ten years ago media relations in Ireland was simple and straightforward. Your media hit list would include up to 100 well-established newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations as well as the trade press.

It was easy getting to know the journalists that mattered and, providing you had a good storyline to sell in, you'd be guaranteed excellent coverage.

Now it's a little more complicated - thanks to the internet.

Today your media hit list will extend beyond the print and broadcast media to news and special interest websites, social media sites and discussion forums.

Those who matter are not just journalists but bloggers, internet commentators and citizen journalists. Your hit list today could extend to several hundred influencers.

Only Marketing is without doubt Ireland's most media savvy marketing and communications agency. Our expertise covers the traditional and digital media.

We can help you grab the headlines across every media platform. For more information, please contact Elspeth Brown on 1-800 937 374.